What is it used for?

Kamagra (sildenafil) is an oral erectile facilitator that enables men to achieve and maintain erections sufficiently hard for a successful intercourse. Kamagra is taken prior to sexual activity on “as needed” basis, and, according to new classification adopted in New Zealand for sildenafil based medications, is sold without prescription to individuals in the absence of contraindications.

Kamagra contains sildenafil citrate. The drug is available without prescription, which does not exempt you from the need to receive medical advice prior to ordering it from our pharmacy. By placing an order, you confirm your knowledge of the correct use of the drug, it’s effects, eventual side effects and application safety. If you develop persistent or bothersome side effects, seek medical help.

Pharmacological characteristics

Kamagra (sildenafil citrate) possesses powerful vasoactive characteristics that allow it to improve the cavernosal blood flow in the penis, thus restoring the erectile ability in patients with varied degree of erectile dysfunction (ED). This effect is achieved thanks to the release of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, a donor of nitric oxide (NO), which is responsible for making the walls of blood vessels in the penis smooth and elastic, promoting absorption of blood to their maximal capacity.

This mechanism is based on sildenafil being an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), a substance that blocks the release of cGMP and promotes rigidity of blood vessels. Since PDE5 is found in insignificant amounts in the ocular retina, its inhibition can interfere with user’s vision in a limited number of cases.

Doses and use instructions

Kamagra is produced in the single dose of sildenafil 100mg. This is the highest dose recommended for use, and it should be taken by patients with no kidney or liver problems. It is recommended to initiate the therapy with a lower dose, breaking the pill in two or even in four parts, increasing the dose gradually and under prescriber’s supervision, provided that there are no severe side effects and there is a clinical need in the dose increase.

Take one pill of Kamagra at least 60 minutes before the planned sexual activity; wash the tablet down with a half or full glass of water. Avoid drinking grapefruit juice, caffeine-containing drinks or excessive amounts of alcohol when taking Kamagra.

Taking Kamagra after a heavy meal can delay the onset of the drug’s effects and decrease their strength. At the same time, timing your intake of Kamagra after a light meal will help avoid unwanted effects.

Drugs Kamagra cannot be taken with

Kamagra is not compatible with the following groups of medications:

  • nitric oxide donors, hypotensive agents
  • antifungal drugs
  • antiretroviral drugs
  • drugs metabolized by CYP3A4 enzyme
  • other PDE5 inhibitors

Warnings and precautions

  • Discuss the correct dose of Kamagra in case you are over 65 years of age and / or have slower than average clearance.
  • If you are not supposed to engage in physical activity, including sexual activity, do not take Kamagra.
  • Limit your alcohol intake to 3 units, or better still, abstain from alcohol while on sildenafil therapy.

Contraindications for Kamagra use

Kamagra is reported to be a safe drug that can be taken by men across the age spectra, but it has a number of contraindications that need to be observed before you buy generic sildenafil. They are:

  • low / high / unstable blood pressure
  • ulcerative disease of stomach / duodenum
  • degenerative disease of the eyes
  • penile deformity / scarring / priapism history
  • diseases of blood vessels
  • heart failure / heart disease / stroke in the history of the past 6 months
  • sensitivity towards sildenafil or other drug’s components

This list of Kamagra contraindications is not full and needs to be expanded by your healthcare provider.

Adverse reactions towards sildenafil

Some users may experience unwanted reactions towards Kamagra. Most of them are mild to moderate, their intensity and occurrence decreasing with continued therapy. If this does not happen, ask your doctor to adjust your dose:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Dyspepsia
  • Flushing of the face
  • Sweating
  • Rhinitis
  • Skin hives

If you observe the following rare but very dangerous side effects, report to the nearest ER immediately:

  • impaired breathing
  • increased / uneven heart rate
  • swelling / edema
  • angina / arm pain
  • prolonged / painful erection

Overdose management

In order to avoid toxicity brought on by Kamagra, avoid taking excessive doses of the drug. The symptoms of overdose will follow the pattern set by the drug’s side effects, but will lean towards the more severe side of the spectrum and be more intense in their nature. Report to the nearest poison control center if you experience the symptoms described above as dangerous.

Missed dose rules

Missing a dose of Kamagra does not apply, as the medicine is taken only when it is needed. The important rule is not to try speeding up the effect onset by increasing the dose; simply take a pill of Kamagra as soon as you remember to.

Storage conditions

Store the package with Kamagra pills outside of the children’s and pets’ reach, at room temperature in a dry place.

Toxicity potential of Kamagra

Kamagra can be toxic if taken in doses that exceed those prescribed to you individually. The systems affected by elevated doses of sildenafil will primarily be:

  • kidneys
  • liver
  • eyes
  • CNS
  • cardiovascular system
  • immune system

Seek medical help immediately if you experience the symptoms of Kamagra overdose described above.