As a new patient in our practice, you will be asked to complete a series of questionnaires that will help us in obtaining an accurate history of your particular problem. The more specific the information that is made available to us, the better we will be able to serve you. If you are referred by another doctor, a summary of that doctor’s diagnosis and treatment would be very useful. We generally find that previous x-rays are beneficial in our analysis of your problem. We will update these records, if necessary, to give you a more accurate diagnosis.
Upon your arrival in the office our receptionist will verify some of your personal information for our records. For routine care, one of our highly qualified hygienists will clean your teeth, take the necessary x-rays and chart gum pocketing, before the doctor examines you. You will then meet the doctor with whom you are appointed. This will be your doctor of record, although at times one of the other doctors may see you or may be called in to offer his advice in his particular area of expertise.

Upon first meeting you in the office, your doctor will perform a thorough examination and will review all of your records. You will always be informed of the analysis of your problem at each office visit. We want you to have a working knowledge of our diagnosis so that you can participate in getting the most effective care and treatment.
We encourage your questions and we will make every attempt to answer all of your inquiries to your satisfaction. At times, this may take more than the scheduled time. We make a policy of not short-changing anyone in our practice. Therefore, if we run late, it will generally be because of the special or emergency needs of one of our patients. Because of the nature of our practice, we find that we cannot “categorize” or “standardize” every patient’s time requirement. We would rather be thorough and offer personal and complete care on an individual basis.