Brand Levitra

What is it used for?

Levitra (vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate) is used to retrieve the ability to achieve penile erections of sufficient hardness that allow engaging in satisfactory sexual activity. The drug is supposed to be taken as needed, 25 to 60 minutes before the planned sexual activity, for reviving the natural ability to respond with penetrative erection towards sexual stimuli during the ensuing 4-5 hours.

Levitra contains the active substance vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate. By ordering the drug from our website you confirm that you have received a professional consultation that resulted in approving vardenafil therapy in your medical case, as well as affirm your knowledge of the correct use and dosing of the drug, and its benign and unwanted effects. We remind you to seek medical help in case of adverse reactions becoming bothersome or persistent.


Levitra (vardenafil hydrochloride trihydrate) is an orally administered vasoactive substance that restores vascular blood flow in the corpora cavernosal smooth muscles of the penis. Vardenafil blocks the phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) enzyme – the signature characteristic of all the drugs in its class, which is where vardenafil and other drugs in its family take their name from, PDE5 inhibitors – which triggers the release of nitric oxide (NO).

NO is a neurotransmittant substance released during the sexual arousal that signals the erectile bodies in the penis to accumulate another erectogenic substance, cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which acts as a powerful relaxant of blood vessels in the erectile bodies of the penis, and makes them engorge with blood absorption. This is a somewhat abbreviated and simplified mechanism of erection, which occurs only in the presence of sexual stimulation.

Dosing and method

Levitra is sold in the doses of vardenafil 5mg, 10mg and 20mg. The dose should always be appointed and / or adjusted by a board-certified doctor. Levitra 10mg is the most commonly appointed initial dose which can further be lowered or increased depending on the patient’s response and tolerance.

A tablet of Levitra should be taken whole with or without food, with a sufficient amount of water to wash it down. Time Levitra dosing so that 25 to 60 minutes are left for the response window. Natural response to vardenafil health outcomes can be possible already 15 minutes after dosing.

Safe use note

Levitra should be used cautiously in individuals with decreased creatinine clearance (Child-Pugh score C), and is not recommended in case of severe problems with kidney or liver.

There are individuals who are not recommended to engage in any kind of physical activity, including sexual activity; Levitra is logically not intended for the use in those.

Prohibited drug co-administrations

Levitra possesses drug characteristics that make it incompatible with a number of other drugs from the following classes:

  • drugs against chest pain (angina) and heart conditions
  • drugs against high blood pressure
  • drugs against fungal infections
  • drugs against epilepsy / convulsions
  • drugs against blood clotting
  • drugs against BPH
  • other ED drugs
  • drugs metabolized by the same enzyme as Levitra (CYP3A4)
  • some antibiotics


Do not take Levitra if you have one or more of the following health conditions as comorbidity to ED:

  • congestive heart failure, heart disease, stroke experienced in the past 6 months
  • retinitis pigmentosa, closed-angle glaucoma, NAION
  • problems with blood pressure (too high or too low)
  • ulcerative diseases of stomach or duodenum
  • predisposition to prolonged or painful erections (priapism)
  • Peyronie’s disease
  • hemorrhage disorders
  • renal insufficiency
  • hepatic insufficiency
  • sensitivity towards any components of Levitra

Side effects

Levitra is known to be the mildest-acting in the line of PDE5 inhibitors. It has a low side-event profile. Levitra side effects are transient and moderate. They are:

  • headache
  • rhinitis
  • flushing
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • dyspepsia
  • rash

Seek medical help if the symptoms persist, become bothersome or in case you develop one of the following severe and life-threatening symptoms:

  • pain in the chest / arm
  • irregular / increased heartbeat rate
  • edema / swelling of the face
  • fainting
  • vomiting
  • migraine
  • confusion


Avoid taking large doses of Levitra in order to not subject yourself to the risks of overdose. The overdose with vardenafil will manifest itself as intense or severe side effects, and will require immediate medical attention.

Missed dose

The rules of missed dose do not apply to drugs taken on demand, to which Levitra and similar ED medications belong.

Storage conditions

Store Levitra in a place that is protected from the sources of heat, moisture and temperature fluctuations. Make sure that children and pets in the household cannot reach it.


Although Levitra is a mild-acting drug with patient-years of provenly safe use, the drug can accumulate to toxic levels in the blood plasma if the recommendations for its application are not observed with care. Report to the nearest medical office or poison control center in case you develop the symptoms of vardenafil intoxication.